My name's Sarah and I'm an IMDT accredited trainer based in Farnborough, Hampshire. 

My passion for training started with my first dog, a Springer Spaniel called Ruby. We did all the usual puppy classes but I wanted to do more so we signed up with our local agility club. This was the perfect activity for Ruby's endless enthusiasm and energy! Fast forward a couple of years and we were competing in shows across the South of England.

As Ruby got older I started looking for alternative activities we could do that weren't so high impact. That's when I came across Scentwork. We did some basic Scentwork classes but it soon became apparent that Ruby had a real talent for tracking so we started man-trailing. To watch her track the scent of someone she'd never met before through undergrowth was truly mind-blowing. 

I now live with 2 dogs of my own. Luna, a 8 year old working Lab who is absolutely full of energy and Leven, a 3 year old English Springer Spaniel. 

I'm passionate about my training and continuous professional development am fully qualified in the following areas:
- IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) accredited Trainer
- Scentwork UK Accredited Trainer
-Canine Hoopers World Accredited Trainer

I have also completed the following IMDT courses:
- Perfect Puppy
- Resource Guarding
- Loose Leaders (Loose Lead Walking)
- Separation Anxiety
- Resource Guarding
- Working with Noise Sensitivity and Phobias

I have also completed a two day course on training dogs to become accredited Assistance Dogs.